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The thought of having to pack up your home and move is usually a daunting one. Packing up your belongings and then securely transporting them to the new house followed by unloading all your furniture and boxes required much energy and time. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the big day.

6 Weeks Before The Move

  • Make contact with your insurance company to make sure the coverage will be transferred to the new address
  • Keep a record of all your moving expenses, as they can be “tax deductible”
  • Call moving companies to gather quotes and reserve a vehicle for the day of your move
  • Consider the use of a temporary storage unit when you have to be out of your current home before the move date. Using a storage facility for moving can offer you with a location to take belongings and packed boxes to before the date of your move

2 Weeks Before The Move

  • At this stage, you should be at least half way through with packing up your home
  • Make arrangements for pet or child care on the day of the move

1 Week Before The Move

  • Make sure everything is packed leaving out only the essentials
  • Confirm the moving plans as well as gather all relevant documentation

The Day Before And The Day Of The Move

  • Make sure the house is clean and check that nothing was left behind
  • Help with getting all your belongings and boxes for moving and storage to the right destination. If you hired movers, they would conduct the majority of all the heavy-lifting, you should still be present to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Give your family members the time to bid farewell to the old home

Update: Our team has added information about finding moving and storage businesses and the moving company page. Hope you enjoy the information.