How To Find The Best Moving And Storage Company

When you are moving, you need to realize the stress is already higher than what you would encounter on a normal day. However, what else is a problem is the fact that there is a large list for you to select from on which company to use it can make it difficult to figure out which one you should be using. This is why you need to know some tips to help you out in finding the best moving and storage companies. By knowing these tips, it will be straightforward for you to locate the best company and know they can complete the work for you promptly.

Time Frames Are Important

Now you may be asking yourself why this is going to matter, but you need to realize a lot of times these companies are not going to be able to be called up the day before you are due out of the home and tell them that you need to be moved the next day. So the time frame is going to have several important factors for you to consider when you are looking at the best companies. So here are three factors that you need to consider when it comes to the timing of the job that you need to get completed.

Advance notification is one of the things that you may overlook at times when you are getting ready to move. However, this is the time frame that you will know when you are moving and need to get started on finding a company that can help you out. As soon as you get the date, you need to start to contact these moving companies. Then you will know how much it is going to cost you, but also how long it will take for them to complete the move that you are going to get done.

The second time frame that you need to consider is how much packing time the company is going to need to have. When you use some of the moving companies, they tend to get the packing done before you are going to move and this is a great thing. However, you will find that some of the companies are going to want to have at least a week to do this. So you need to make sure you know about the time frame the company needs to have for completing the packaging that needs to be done and then guarantee you have this time frame set aside for people.

Finally, from the moving aspect, you will want to know the time frame until the move is complete. This is going to make it easier for you to know more about the time frame it is going to take before all of your belongings arrive at the property, but also going to make it easier for you to know if the company is going to get your items to your new property in a time frame that makes it easier for you to catch up to the moving and get everything unpacked and settled in before you have to go back to work or do anything else like that.

From the storage aspect, you will need to consider the time frame it is going to take for the storage, but also how long you can use the storage unit for. Then you will know how much it will cost you to use the unit, but also if they are going to limit the amount of time that you are going to have available for the storage unit. Without this, you could end up having some issues in getting the right storage unit and this is going to make it impossible for you to enjoy the unit for the time frame that you need, but also spend more money than what you wanted to on the storage unit.

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The thought of having to pack up your home and move is usually a daunting one. Packing up your belongings and then securely transporting them to the new house followed by unloading all your furniture and boxes required much energy and time. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the big day.

6 Weeks Before The Move

  • Make contact with your insurance company to make sure the coverage will be transferred to the new address
  • Keep a record of all your moving expenses, as they can be “tax deductible”
  • Call moving companies to gather quotes and reserve a vehicle for the day of your move
  • Consider the use of a temporary storage unit when you have to be out of your current home before the move date. Using a storage facility for moving can offer you with a location to take belongings and packed boxes to before the date of your move

2 Weeks Before The Move

  • At this stage, you should be at least half way through with packing up your home
  • Make arrangements for pet or child care on the day of the move

1 Week Before The Move

  • Make sure everything is packed leaving out only the essentials
  • Confirm the moving plans as well as gather all relevant documentation

The Day Before And The Day Of The Move

  • Make sure the house is clean and check that nothing was left behind
  • Help with getting all your belongings and boxes for moving and storage to the right destination. If you hired movers, they would conduct the majority of all the heavy-lifting, you should still be present to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Give your family members the time to bid farewell to the old home

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