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Do YOU suffer from one or more of these costly order fulfillment consultant shortfalls?

  1. Need more warehouse storage space? Don't want to (or cannot) move, then you need a order fulfillment consultant to squeeze every ounce of cube out of your present building layout.
  2. Plagued by "shipping errors"? Then you need an "error proof" way to verify that the exactly correct amount of each item was picked for every order - and that the items were exactly as ordered.
  3. Low order-picking/packing productivity? Perhaps this can be cured by "batch picking" many smaller orders at one time, directly into their shipping cartons.
  4. Are you are about to make major changes or move into a new warehouse? Want to be sure to "get it right" this time? An order fulfillment consultant can save thousands of dollars by knowing exactly how many square feet you need - and not spending too much on expensive, often unnecessary equipment?

Then you need an order fulfillment consultant to redesign your new or existing facility, and  You  Have Come To The Right Place!

Hi!  I'm Art Avery!"  I'm the Principal order fulfillment Consultant for Avery and Associates.  I have been in the order fulfillment business for over 30 years.  Now as a consultant, I am able to draw on those years of design and operating experience to help companies such as yours to reduce or eliminate the "pain points" listed above - and hundreds of other situations that we encounter daily.
As I tell people, "I learn something new from every client that I work with!"  It is my firm belief that my simple methods can be very efficient and accurate and that this is the true value I bring to each of my clients!


Usually without complex technology and large capital costs, we apply uncomplicated and effective order fulfillment methods and strategies that improve (often dramatically - see below) existing order fulfillment operations.  These methods are also used to set up new facilities that will optimize every aspect of the order fulfillment process. 

When we talk "every aspect" we are including all activities from receiving and processing, ID of products and location, order taking, pick tickets printed or downloaded, picking methods, picking paths and equipment selection, replenishment, storage strategies and equipment selections, packing, shipping - and anything else that contributes to your order fulfillment process.   

Do not misunderstand - Art is very experienced in the more complex order fulfillment systems.  In fact, as an order fulfillment consultant he has created and implemented some very sophisticated systems, including pick-to-light, RF, and palm-pilot batch picking (most recently, for 3 grocery home delivery companies.)   But, whenever possible he prefers a simple approach that is so much easier for the majority of warehouses to implement- and at a cost that will not "break-the-bank". 

"If I pay less - will I get less?" 
That's a fair question, and it has been asked. If you have been searching for a consulting firm, you know that our fees are well below "market". But our customers say "you will get more". How is this possible? Art has the gift to quickly assess the situation and then discover the solutions, while others only see the problem. This means much less time required by us, which translates to less cost to you!

Warehouse Size

Remote "Express" Study*

We now take 
credit cards. 

Up to 5,000 sq ft $2000

5 to 20,000 sq ft

20 to 40,000 sq ft $4,000
40 to 80,000 sq ft $5,000
80 to 160,000 sq ft $6,000

Over 160,000 sq ft


*We very frequently work with clients on an "Express" remote basis (using phone, FAX, email and video) to fit within your warehouse center design budget. If for any reason you aren't fully satisfied, we will continue to work on your warehouse layout until you are. You just can't loose!  




Following our visit, and as we work to develop the very best order fulfillment consulting plan for your unique operation, there will be on-going e-mail and phone conversations, until you say "that's it - that's perfect."   In the rare instance where another one-day visit would become necessary, you would pay expenses only. (As of this writing), it has not been necessary to return to any of our clients after our initial visit of 2-4 days. 

You will receive several alternative layouts throughout this process, so that you may provide the necessary feedback.  At the conclusion of the project, you will receive final layouts, and an in-depth written order fulfillment consulting report, which often includes diagrams.  These will be sent to you in hard-copy form, and placed in a protective folder that will allow you to continue to refer to it, or share it with others. 

We remain available for further questions and new developments.  With the exception of the introduction of a new project, or request for on-site implementation assistance, there will never be any additional order fulfillment consultant fees for changes on the original study. 

We have helped scores of companies like yours to achieve major cost-reduction solutions to their order fulfillment consulting problems.

Take a few minutes to review our client list, see how we work with you and look at our sample projects' section. You will see just a few of our distribution layout projects that were custom-designed to meet our clients' special order fulfillment consulting needs.

 Some actual, recent order fulfillment consulting results: 

  • Doubling pick rates, achieving nearly 100% accuracy and "blind-count" order verification at the same time.
  • Increasing pallet storage by 21%, (in a 1.2 million sq ft W/H) while reducing pallet handling labor by over 50%.
  • Cutting shipping costs by $500,000 annually for an office products company.
  • Achieving manpower savings of as many as 12 workers in one order fulfillment operation.
  • Eliminating the entire 3rd shift and 1/2 the 2nd shift for a famous sporting goods company.
  • Allowing one picker to batch pick as many as 20 orders into their pre-cubed shipping cartons with total verification of accuracy.
  • Doubling case pick productivity while reducing the equipment budget by over $1,000,000.
  • Increasing pallet cube capacity by 210% (with little capital cost to the company) for a metal products mfg.
  • Reducing packing labor by over 100% (with no capital cost) for an internet/catalog health products firm.

Remember, We Guarantee Your Full Satisfaction! If for any reason you aren't fully satisfied, we will continue to work on your order fulfillment consulting project until you are. YOU JUST CAN'T LOSE!

Call us at 800-606-9841 and let's discuss your order fulfillment consulting needs in detail. (No cost or obligation, of course.) If you need immediate help we can frequently get you answers in a day or less.

Art Avery

P.S. Many order fulfillment consultant clients have discovered that if they save only one employee's salary, their total order fulfillment consulting study investment is returned the very next month, and for every month thereafter. This is a 1200% Annual ROI! There are few investments you could ever make that will pay you back so well and so quickly!

If you don't find what you need, 
Ask Art aavery@gmail.com 


Some Recent Testimonials
(Contact us to speak directly to a writer.)



"Hi Art, you are very welcome for the references. You may not know this but we RAVE about the suggestions you made to us for our "Distribution Center", and how right your suggestions were…" Dan G., Pres., Pipersville, PA.



"I look forward to having you involved for our DC implementation plan and in future endeavors as well. Your input was extremely valuable to us". Brent T., President Jacksonville, FL



"This move is incredibly difficult - I would never have been able to do this without all your great help"! Dave W., Owner, Chicago, IL.



"First I wanted to say that all your suggestions work great!  Thanks so much.  Secondly, in the later part of May, we will be moving out of our current facility into a new one.  I was wondering if I gave you the layout could you draw up a design.  You told me if there were ever changes, just ask for a new layout, so here I am.  Thanks a lot!"  Bob V., Owner, New Kensington, PA



"I know it has been a while, but we finally signed on a new building, and are looking at a mid July move.  We have three dock highs, and two roll ups.  Please do your magic and lay out the floor space.  Thanks."  Rami R., Owner, Chatsworth, CA



"The renovation is going great.  The large shelving is all moved and the small shelving is about 75% in its new location.  A company is coming in Tuesday to build the new shelving...then we can start to relocate all the product.  Thanks for all the help."  Jeff L., Operations Manager, Victoria, BC, Canada.



"We've received the final report, thanks for the summary of findings and the recommendations.  What was most valuable for us was the process of getting to the goal and the discussions around it…  Thanks again for your help…Joachim S., Systems Manager, New York, NY



 "I'm proud to say that our first day of production in our new location was March 6.   Thank you for your work on our behalf.  Looks like we got off to a fine start in the warehouse and picking areas.  It's always a pleasure hearing from you."  Charlie T., Project Manager, Amityville, NY


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