Are Order Picking Problems Crippling Your Warehouse?
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Attention: Warehouse Managers and Owners!

Looking for an easy-to-use and 100% accurate order picking system?

With the No-More-Errors (NME) Order Picking System, Multiple Order Picking is as Easy as 1-2-3! 

Warehouse managers and owners are skeptical when we tell them the NME Multiple Order Picking System is easy to learn and just as easy to use.  

And, once we tell them that with NME, they’ll achieve 100% picking accuracy – well, they become downright disbelieving. (Let’s face it, how many picking systems make this claim? That’s right – until now zero!)

If your pickers can scan barcodes, they can use the NME system to pick 16 (or more) orders in batches – guaranteed error-free! – in one trip through your warehouse.

How the NME Batch Picking System Works
  Step #1 Set up the Batch 

Scan the bar code on each order you want to pick, and then scan the pick cart location where the order is to be placed. To save time, you can pick directly into shipping cartons. Pick data is then downloaded via RF wireless transfer.  

Total time required: 90 seconds or less, depending on the number of orders included in the "batch" you are forming.

 Step #2 Begin Picking  

1. Using the NME hand-held scanning device, your picker follows directions on the screen to the pick slot location, and scans the item or slot bar code. The quantity to be picked then disappears from the screen requiring a “blind” entry of the count.  (Some companies will allow larger quantities to be keyed in instead of scanned.

2. Picker scans each item picked or keys in how many pieces picked. If the pick is correct, the scanner will “beep.” If incorrect, picker hears a “boop.”  

3. Picker places order items directly into shipping carton or pick tote and scans it to verify items have been placed into the correct cart location.  

Repeat Pick Steps 1 – 3 until picking is complete. The system will not allow the picker to continue if an error occurs .  The error MUST be corrected before moving on to the next pick. 

Total time required: +/- 12 seconds per pick depending on order size and batch size. This translates to 300 lines/hour!

 Step #3 Deliver Goods to Shipping 

When the picker has completed all orders, he or she pushes the cart to the pack station. If the orders were picked into ship cartons, they can be stuffed sealed, weighed, and labeled in one quick step.  

Because order accuracy is already 100% verified, you do not need to re-count or double-check order contents for accuracy! 

Total time required: 2 – 3 minutes per order, depending on size of box, method of shipping, etc.  

How fast and easy is NME? See for yourself how this new batch picking system can help you achieve 100% accuracy by downloading our NME picking video and seeing the NME system in action.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About the NME Batch Picking System

 “Will the NME system work with my own unique systems?” 

In operation the NME system interfaces briefly with your order entry system – and it only does so to get order information. Depending on your system, this information may either be exported by your system to NME, or it may be possible for NME to reach in and import from your system. Either way, the process is painless and will not conflict with, nor corrupt, your backend system. On site installation assistance is available, if you desire it.

“The NME sounds really technical. How much training is involved?” 

As shown above, the NME is as easy to use as "1-2-3". Most pickers can learn how to start the program, build pick lists, and use the scanner itself in under 30 minutes, including new-hires or temps. Those who are comfortable with computers figure it out in five minutes or less.  

“What if the system breaks down? I can’t afford expensive repairs.” 

Because it’s based on RF or WIFI, the NME system can’t “break down” in the true sense of the word. Unlike a full-scale warehouse management system, where the terminal or device has to be in constant contact with the host computer, the NME scanning device only requires contact with the host system when loading or updating order information. In any case, the NME system requires standard low-cost ($100 or less) WIFI transponders placed about the warehouse. Most importantly, should your RF network fail, no work or data is ever lost. (We do recommend that you have a spare access point so picking can resume once it’s ready to go.)

“How much downtime is required to install the NME system?”

 Installation affects your business minimally – and the short downtime is more than made up once the system is up and running. If you desire, we can come to your site and install it for you, or walk you through the installation process over the phone.   

“Why do I need this system anyway? We’re doing ok without it.” 

  • Do you want to receive more letters from customers praising you for your fast and accurate service?

  • Do you want fewer phone calls from irate customers who received the wrong order?

  • Do you want more cash in the bank (and in your pocket) by reducing expensive shipping and high overhead costs?

    If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you know why you need a NME batch picking system. 

Call 800-606-9841 today for pricing and/or technical details or send email to

We are absolutely convinced the NME system can help you achieve:

  • Decreased labor costs – You’ll no longer need checkers

  • Improved customer satisfaction – Customers will receive the correct order, every time

  • Faster time to ship – The NME system speeds up pick times, eliminates back-ups

  • 100% order fulfillment accuracy – Or your money back.

If you’re ready to realize 200 to 300% ROI within the first year, then you’re ready to give the NME system a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – the NME system is backed by a
100% accuracy guarantee.

  Still not convinced that NME is right for you? Ask for your free full-color 9-minute CD. Simply send email to: or call 800-606-9841 today.

"Order Picking     Perfection"
is now possible.

Payback? Usually fully
paid back in under 6 months.

Return on Investment?
Usually 200-300% first year

No-More-Errors Video on line, see it now.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How it works (the pickers manual)

See it in operation! Free 9 min high quality CD ROM video from or call.

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