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Our Distribution Consulting Services 

Note that ANY or ALL of these services will usually be included in our fixed fee price, depending on your actual needs.  In a few cases (for example measuring the cube of all items in your warehouse) the work scope may be so large that we will quote you an additional fixed cost before the start of the project.

1. Operations Audit: It answers the questions; "How are we doing?", "What should we be doing better?", and  "What are our most urgent needs?".

2. Second Opinions: Our "second opinion" design  serves to minimize the risk of implementing major operational changes that, if they should fail, may have a fatal impact on a company.  

3. Strategic Planning:
To insure that facilities support corporate strategies. Analysis of major strategic issues such as stay or move; open or close; modernize or build new; number of sites, size and focus or mission. Provide master site planning, programming and guidance to the architectural design team. 

4. Systems Analysis:
The computer systems directing and controlling a distribution operation have a great effect on the flow and productivity of your operation. We will evaluate the applicability of proposed software packages, uncover any needed enhancements, and determine the risks of making changes. 

5. Distribution Methods Analysis Design: Evaluating networks, transportation and warehouse practices and proposing methods improvement plans for order processing, receiving goods, storage and handling, picking and shipping. We establish optimal flow patterns and propose improvement, as needed. 

6. Warehouse Design Services:
The design of the specific facility evolves from the distribution and picking design, what work is to be accomplished, and how it is done. We  determine the characteristics of the new or existing facility, namely, how long and wide, how tall, how many dock doors, and what type of sprinkler system will be needed, column spacing, aisle widths, sanitation and fire aisle requirements as well as special needs and requests. 

7. Estimating Space Requirements: Short and long term, based upon forecasts, historical usage patterns, and projected changes. Developing new layouts to maximize usage of space. Short- and long-range sizing of individual areas: racks, shelving, automated systems, docks, staging, offices, and support. 

8. Slotting Design: Determining the optimal slotting locations based on product cube and movement. The goal is to minimize pick travel and replenishment frequency, and to maximize space utilization. A good slotting plan is often the key to a smooth transition and a productive operation.

9. Choosing Material Storage and Handling Systems: The type of storage and handling equipment for pick and pack operations is chosen based on product velocity, cube, seasonality, replenishment frequency, purchase cost, and total operating costs.

 10. Implementation Planning: All projects require careful planning, and many projects require the coordination and integration of many vendors. This is especially true when you have decided to retrofit an existing operation, and you must still ship customer orders every day. We will help you with specific and detailed planning of implementation tasks to ensure success! 


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